Ear Plugs For Clubs

Ear protection specifically designed for club goers. Still hear the music but with the knowledge that your ears are protected...

The Manchester clubbing scene is a booming one. If you are a regular to those drum and bass student nights or enjoy letting your hair down and dancing over the weekend, one thing is for sure, most of us will have experienced ringing or buzzing in our ears after a night out. For a lot of people the ringing is temporary but for some people this can become permanent and is quite often the first sign of a hearing loss. At PinnaClear we believe that prevention is the best advice and you can purchase ear protection quite cheaply.

Foam inserts are readily available but don’t hold in ears very well, the alternative would be to have some universal ear plugs such as the ACS Pacato 16 or ACS Pacato 19 or the ER20s in standard or large size.

If you want something more custom, then a NoiseBarrier would also be suitable. For any resident DJs, have a think about the filtered ACS Pro instead .