Ear Plugs For Concert Goers

Ear protection specifically designed for club goers. Still hear the music but with the knowledge that your ears are protected...

Do you regularly attend concerts, clubs  or festivals? Do you enjoy standing near the stage? Do you usually stand close to the speakers? Do you usually get ringing in your ears after an event? If your answer is yes then PinnaClear can help.

When you are in a loud environment like a concert or a festival, you are exposed to a high level of noise. Anything above around 85 decibels (dB) is considered too loud and if you listen to that sound for a long period of time then it can have harmful irreversible effects to your hearing. If you imagine an alarm ringing is around 80dB then you can appreciate how loud concerts and festivals can get. Some people experience tinnitus or ringing in their ears, which is usually the first sign that something is not right, especially if the tinnitus doesn’t disappear. By using ear protection you will prevent any irreversible long term damage to your hearing. At PinnaClear we can provide universal ear plugs such as the ACS Pacato 16 (reduction in sound by an average of 16dB)  or ACS Pacato 19 (reduction in sound by an average of 19dB) .

We also provide the Etymotic ER20s in standard or large sizes and these reduce the sound a little more by 20dB . If you want something more custom to you, then the NoiseBarrier  offers more comfort whilst still allowing you to enjoy the music.

If you feel your hearing has deteriorated,  you can book in for a hearing assessment . If you regularly use earphones, you can also have customised earphone sleeves which will ensure better listening quality which in turn should mean you don’t need to turn your listening device up as much.